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Weed Warriors are volunteers from the community. Students and adults participate in projects that positively effect the environmental health of our neighborhoods and our public areas, like parks, trails, and open spaces.
Weed Warrior workshops and projects offer participants the opportunity to learn about invasive noxious weeds that wreak havoc to our envirnoment, and the opportunity to experience “hands on” activities in envrionmental stewarship.

The Weed Warrior program imparts an awareness of local weed issues and the need for environmental stewardship. Projects include invasive weed removal and habitat restoration using native species plants and trees that stabilize the environment after the invasive weeds are removed. In Weed Warrior projects, today’s youth, who are tomorrow’s citizens, civic leaders, and environmental stewards of the next generation, experience activities in the local community while learning what it means to be an environmental steward.

The Newcastle Weed Warrior program invites all ages to participate in the projects that develop a sense of connection to and responsibility for the natural landscape, thus empowering community volunteers to help shape the environmental health of their public places. Weed Warriors encourages everyone to get involved and challenges all members of the community to become part of the solution to the invasive weed problem.

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To participate in a Newcastle Weed Warrior Project, Contact:
Grace Stiller, President ~ 425-228-7927
Rick Bell, Vice President ~ 425-271-5599
Eleanor Crispo, Treasurer ~ 425-226-5662
Preston Glidden, Secretary

Aaron Milner, Board Advisor
Liaison from the City of Newcastle, Brian Smith ~ 435-659-4444
Newcastle Parks Manager, Michael Holly
~ 425-649-4444