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The Weed Warriors organization, founded in 2008, is a Washington State Non-Profit Charity dedicated to further and promote a healthy environment free of invasive noxious weeds. A working Board of Directors manages all aspects of the non-profit. Our mission is to provide education about invasive noxious weeds and offer opportunities that empower volunteers to become environmental stewards, thus relieving the burden of of government and improving the aesthetic, recreational and economic value of public parks, trails, and open spaces.

The Weed Warriors program offers workshops, projects and events where participants learn about invasive noxious weeds that wreak havoc to our environment, and experience “hands on” activities with weed removal and restoration plantings. Weed Warrior volunteers are students and adults from the community who participate in projects that positively effect the environmental health of our neighborhoods and our public areas.

The Weed Warriors program presents an awareness of the need for volunteer stewardship. Stabalized weed infestations are often large and economically unfeasible for Cties and communities to control successfully without assistance from non-profit organizations like the Weed Warriors. Projects include invasive weed assessment, removal, and habitat restoration using native species plants and trees that stabilize the environment after the invasive weeds are removed.

The Weed Warriors program develops a sense of connection to and responsibility for the natural landscape, thus empowering community volunteers to help shape the environmental health of their public places. We encourage everyone to get involved, and challenge all members of the community to become part of the solution to the invasive weed problem. Today’s Weed Warrior youths are tomorrow’s citizens, civic leaders, and environmental stewards of the next generation. They experience activities in their local community while learning what it means to be an environmental steward. The program invites all ages to participate in the projects, events, and meetings.

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